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If you are considering getting your alloy wheels completely refurbished or colour changed , a powder coating, rather than a traditional paint and lacquer approach, is one of the options available to you in the marketplace. There are a few different reasons why you might choose this finish, previous poor repairs, corrosion or a complete colour change.


Alloy wheels Powder Wheel Coating

Alloy wheel powder coating is a decorative finish for alloy wheels. It’s sprayed on like traditional paint, but it settles on the surface dry rather than liquid. It’s not until the coating is heated treated that the paint “flows out” of the coating and forms a coating over the complete surface of the wheel. This process is very involved and can take up to 4-5 days to complete .


The process involves

The process involves

  • 1. Remove the whole wheel from the car

  • 2. Removes tyres and balancing weights

  • 3. Chemically strip to remove all the old paint

  • 4. Repair any curb damage

  • 5. Shot blast complete alloy wheel inside and out.

  • 6. Heat the alloy wheel in an industrial oven to release gases that could cause flaws in the final finish

  • 7. Apply the powder coating primer and top colour to the alloy wheel with a specialist spray gun

  • 8. Return the alloy wheel to the oven until the powder starts to run out to a gel like consistency over the surface of the wheel

  • 9. Apply lacquer to the complete wheel then its ready for its final bake cycle.

  • 10. Remove wheels from the oven to cool, refit tyres, balance wheels then they are ready to fit back onto the customers vehicle and ready for collection.

With prices starting from £60 per wheel.

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