Alloy wheel accessories in Dudley

Apart from providing efficient alloy wheel repairs, at Hot Wheelz we have over 14 years to offer a wide range of accessories for your wheels. Read some of the frequently asked questions about our service.
Alloy wheel accessories in Dudley

Putting you at ease

Q) Can you repair bent or cracked wheels?
A) No, we don't recommend straightening or welding wheels. It is always best to replace, as it is easy to cover over a crack by welding but the wheel will still have a weak spot.

Q) What is the repair process?
A) The wheels are taken off the vehicle, tyres deflated, tyres pushed back off the rim, repaired, re-primed, painted and lacquered, baked and refitted to your car.

 Q) How long does a full repair take?
A) On average a wheel takes 1 to 2 hours.

 Q) Can I use the vehicle straight away afterwards?
A) Yes. Once the wheels are on the car, the vehicle is ready to go.
 repairing bent or cracked wheels

Everything you need to know

Q) Do you rebalance the wheels afterwards?
A) Your wheels will not need rebalancing as we do not remove the tyre completely, the tyre is simply pushed away from the rim. The tyre is inflated afterwards in the same position so as long as your wheels were balanced when we started then nothing we do will affect the wheel.
Q) Do you repair chrome wheels?
A) No, we can't re-chrome alloys nor can anyone else in the UK due to legislation involving the chemical process and the actual adhesion process.
Q) I have lost my locking wheel nut key, can you remove it?
A) Yes, we can remove locking wheel nuts.
Q) What colours can you do?
A) We have a range of finishes that we are frequently asked for, but we can paint your wheels any colour that you want.
We deal with all types of work on alloy wheels from simple scratches, dents and buckles to an original quality finish. Take a look at our previous work to know the quality of our service.
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Do you need quality alloy wheel accessories in Dudley or anywhere in the West Midlands? Contact the friendly team at Hot Wheelz to make your wheels more stylish.
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